2020 June 5


Dragon over Central Park
Image Credit & Copyright:
Stan Honda

Explanation: Still bathed in sunlight the International Space Station (ISS) arced through this Manhattan evening sky on May 30. Moving left to right, its bright trail was captured in this composite image with a series of 5 second long exposures. Stars left short trails and lights were reflected in still waters looking toward the north across the Central Park reservoir. Chasing the ISS in low Earth orbit the Crew Dragon spacecraft dubbed Endeavour also left a trail through that urban night. Seen about 6 hours after its launch the spacecraft’s faint trail appears above the ISS, shown in the inset just as the two approached the bank of clouds at the right. Dragon Endeavour docked successfully with the ISS about nineteen hours after reaching orbit.

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Stan Honda

说明: 在这幅摄于5月30日的曼哈顿夜间影像里,仍然沐浴在阳光中的国际太空站飞掠而过。而在当时记录曳着明亮迹线从左向右飞掠的国际太空站的5张长曝光照片,后来合成这张组合影像。在这幅朝北越过中央公园库远眺的影像中,恒星曳出短迹线,而都市灯则倒映在平滑如镜的水面上。此外,在低地球轨道上追赶着国际太空站的奋进号载人龙飞船,也留下了划过这个都会夜空的迹线。这艘太空船发射约6小时后划出的暗淡迹线,如这张摄于太空站和太空船即将没入右侧云层的嵌图所示,出现国际太空站的上方。奋进号载人龙飞船,在抵达轨道约19小时之后,成功的停泊在国际太空站。

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