2020 May 23


Ghost Fungus to Magellanic Cloud
Image Credit & Copyright:
Gill Fry

Explanation: Stars shine and satellites glint in this clear, dark, night sky over Wannon Falls Reserve, South West Victoria, Australia. In fact the fuzzy, faint apparition above the tree tops is the only cloud visible, also known as the Large Magellanic Cloud, satellite galaxy of our own Milky Way. In the foreground, an Omphalotus nidiformis (ghost fungus) from planet Earth shines with a surprisingly bright bioluminescence. Like the Magellanic cloud, the ghost fungus was easily seen with the eye. Its ghostly glow was actually a dull green, but it appears bright green in digital camera picture. Two images were blended to create the scene. One focused on the distant stars and Large Magellanic Cloud some 160,000 light-years away. Another was focused on the foreground and glowing fungus several light-nanoseconds from the camera lens.

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Gill Fry

说明: 在这片摄于澳洲·维多利亚省西南部·万农瀑布的清朗夜空里,除了繁星点点更有卫星亮闪增辉。而位在树梢附近带着淡淡弥漫辉光的天体,则是我们银河系的伴星系,也是影像里唯一可见的“云”─大麦哲伦星系(大麦哲伦星云)。在影像前景,可见到地面上散发着格外明亮生物萤光的幽灵真菌。就如同大麦哲伦星系,幽灵真菌也是肉眼可见的物体。它真实的晕光是暗绿色的,只不过在数位相机影像里,被转录成明亮的绿色。这片景像组合自二幅影像;其中之一聚焦于遥远恒星和160,000光年之外的大麦哲伦星系。另一幅则呈现位在前景,离相机镜头只有数光奈秒的发光真菌。(Omphalotus nidiformis (ghost fungus) 幽灵真菌 )

明日的图片: the grand canyon of Mars

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