2020 May 17

A Waterspout in Florida
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Joey Mole

Explanation: What’s happening over the water? Pictured here is one of the better images yet recorded of a waterspout, a type of tornado that occurs over water. Waterspouts are spinning columns of rising moist air that typically form over warm water. Waterspouts can be as dangerous as tornadoes and can feature wind speeds over 200 kilometers per hour. Some waterspouts form away from thunderstorms and even during relatively fair weather. Waterspouts may be relatively transparent and initially visible only by an unusual pattern they create on the water. The featured image was taken in 2013 July near Tampa Bay, Florida. The Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida is arguably the most active area in the world for waterspouts, with hundreds forming each year.

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Joey Mole

说明: 水面上空出现了什么? 这帧照片是一张较清晰的水龙卷影像,水龙卷则是一种偶而出现在水面上空的龙卷风。高速旋转的柱状水龙卷,通常形成于温暖水域,其危险的程度并不亚于龙卷风,内部的风速可超过每小时二百公里。有些水龙卷形成在离雷暴系统很远的地方,甚至出现在相当晴朗的天候里。 水龙卷可以相当透明,刚形成时,只有从它在水面造成的扰动图案,才会注意到它的存在。上面这张主题影像,是在2013年7月摄于佛罗里达州的坦帕湾。佛罗里达州近岸的大西洋水域,可能是世界上最容易发生水龙卷的区域,每年可出现数百个水龙卷事件。

Experts Debate: How will humanity first discover extraterrestrial life?

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