2020 April 18


Just Another Day on Aerosol Earth
Model Visualization Credit:
NASA Earth Observatory, GEOS FP, Joshua Stevens

Explanation: It was just another day on aerosol Earth. For August 23, 2018, the identification and distribution of aerosols in the Earth’s atmosphere is shown in this dramatic, planet-wide digital visualization. Produced in real time, the Goddard Earth Observing System Forward Processing (GEOS FP) model relies on a combination of Earth-observing satellite and ground-based data to calculate the presence of types of aerosols, tiny solid particles and liquid droplets, as they circulate above the entire planet. This August 23rd model shows black carbon particles in red from combustion processes, like smoke from the fires in the United States and Canada, spreading across large stretches of North America and Africa. Sea salt aerosols are in blue, swirling above threatening typhoons near South Korea and Japan, and the hurricane looming near Hawaii. Dust shown in purple hues is blowing over African and Asian deserts. The location of cities and towns can be found from the concentrations of lights based on satellite image data of the Earth at night.

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NASA Earth Observatory , GEOS FP , Joshua Stevens

说明: 这是地球日常的气溶胶分布。在2018年8月23日这天,可辨识的地球大气中的气溶胶及其分布,如这幅令人赞叹的行星尺度视觉化图像所示。所使用的戈达德观测系统前胆处理模型(GEOS FP),依赖地球观测卫星及地基观测的数据,以实时推算漂流在整个地球大气环流里的气溶胶之种类,主要为固态微粒与小液滴。8月23日的模型计算显示,来自燃绕过程的黝黑碳粒子(以红色呈现),诸如来自美国和加拿大燎原的野火,分布在大片的北美洲和非洲大地上空。在以泛蓝色泽标示的海盐气溶胶之中,包括南韩、日本及夏威夷附近,即将登陆的台风或飓风上方的涡旋状气溶胶。以紫色标示的尘埃,则在风的吹袭下,飘过非洲及亚洲沙漠的上方。在卫星观测地球夜间的数据里,都市和城镇的位置,可用聚集成块的灯火来辨认。

Celebrate: Earth Day at Home

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