2020 April 11

Venus and the Pleiades in April
Image Credit & Copyright:
Antonio Finazzi

Explanation: Shared around world in early April skies Venus, our brilliant evening star, wandered across the face of the lovely Pleiades star cluster. This timelapse image follows the path of the inner planet during the beautiful conjunction showing its daily approach to the stars of the Seven Sisters. From a composite of tracked exposures made with a telephoto lens, the field of view is also appropriate for binocular equipped skygazers. While the star cluster and planet were easily seen with the naked-eye, the spiky appearance of our sister planet in the picture is the result of a diffraction pattern produced by the camera’s lens. All images were taken from a home garden in Chiuduno, Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy, fortunate in good weather and clear spring nights.

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Antonio Finazzi

说明: 在4月初,在世界各地的天空中,皆可见到金星这颗明亮的黄昏星,缓缓通过美丽的昴宿星团前方。这幅缩时影像,呈现金星在这次的近合期间,每天于昴宿星团附近的进程。这片组合自多张望远镜头照片的视野,其宽度和使用双筒望远镜的观星人之所见相当。虽然影像所记录的金星和昴宿星团,肉眼亦轻易可见,但金星这颗地球的姐妹行星,却带着因相机镜头绕射星光造成的星芒。在春夜清朗的天空下,这些影像摄于意大利·伦巴第大区·贝尔加莫·基乌杜诺镇的一座住家花园。


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