2020 April 8


Country Sky versus City Sky
Image Credit & Copyright:
Tomas Slovinsky; Text: Matipon Tangmatitham (NARIT)

Explanation: Dark skies are disappearing from the world. With modernization comes artificial lighting that brightens the night. While these lights allow modern humans to see, much light is wasted up into the sky. This light pollution not only wastes energy, but, when reflected by the Earth’s atmosphere back down, creates a nighttime brightness that disrupts wildlife and harms human health, while doing very little to prevent crime. Light pollution is also making a dark night sky a scarcity for new generations. While there is little that can be done in large cities, rural country areas could benefit from lighting that is fully shielded from exposing the night sky where it is not needed. The featured panorama contains 6 adjacent vertical segments taken from different locations across Slovakia — but with the same equipment and at the same time of night, and then subjected to the same digital post-processing. Although no stars are visible on the left-most city sky, the right-most country sky is magnificently dark. You can help protect the wonders of your night sky by favoring, when possible, dark sky friendly lightning.

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Tomas Slovinsky ;文稿: Matipon Tangmatitham ( NARIT )

说明: 暗空正在离地球而去。现代化带来了人为的照明,同时也照亮了我们的夜空。灯虽然让现代人得以在夜间见物,但部分的光却漏到夜空中。这种光害不但浪费能源,而且从地球大气反射天空辉光,会干扰野生动物的作息,对人类的健康造成危害,也无助于降低犯罪率。对新世代的地球住民而言,从此暗空成为罕见的景观。纵然目前我们对大都市的光害无能为力,不过如果使用包覆完整的灯具,却可避免郊区的夜空受到光害的污染。这幅由6个垂直分片组成的全景图,是使用相同的设备,在同个夜晚的同一时刻,摄于斯洛伐尼亚的不同地点,然后再以相同的数位技术处理过。影像中,在最左侧的都市夜空中见不到任何星点,但最右侧的乡野夜空却极为幽暗。你可以为保护夜空尽一己之力,有机会时,请尽量采用对夜空友善的灯具。

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