2020 March 22

Moon Setting Behind Teide Volcano
Video Credit & Copyright:
Daniel López (El Cielo de Canarias); Music: Piano della Moon (Dan Silva)

Explanation: These people are not in danger. What is coming down from the left is just the Moon, far in the distance. Luna appears so large here because she is being photographed through a telescopic lens. What is moving is mostly the Earth, whose spin causes the Moon to slowly disappear behind Mount Teide, a volcano in the Canary Islands off the northwest coast of Africa. The people pictured are 16 kilometers away and many are facing the camera because they are watching the Sun rise behind the photographer. It is not a coincidence that a full moon rises just when the Sun sets because the Sun is always on the opposite side of the sky from a full moon. The featured video was made two years ago during the full Milk Moon. The video is not time-lapse — this was really how fast the Moon was setting.

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Daniel López (El Cielo de Canarias); 配乐: Piano della Moon ( Dan Silva )

说明: 这些观众的安全并没受到威胁。视野左侧从上向下滑落的,只是远方的月亮。而影片中的月亮之所以看起来庞无比,则是透过长焦镜头拍摄所致。影片中的月亮运动,其实主要是因为地球自转,使得月亮缓缓滑落到非洲西北海面上的加那利群岛·泰德的后方。影片中的观众位在16公里之外,其中许多面向相机,正在观赏摄影者后方东升的太阳。太阳西沉时适逢满月东升,绝非巧合,而是太阳和满月必然分落在天空的相反两侧。这部摄于2年前满相奶月之时的主题影片,并非缩时摄影,而是真实呈现了月亮西沉的步调。


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