2020 February 6

Southern Moonscape
Image Credit & Copyright:
Tom Glenn

Explanation: The Moon’s south pole is near the top of this detailed telescopic view. Looking across the rugged southern lunar highlands it was captured from southern California, planet Earth. At the Moon’s third quarter phase the lunar terminator, the sunset shadow line, is approaching from the left. The scene’s foreshortened perspective heightens the impression of a dense field of craters and makes the craters themselves appear more oval shaped close to the lunar limb. Below and left of center is sharp-walled crater Tycho, 85 kilometers in diameter. Young Tycho’s central peak is still in sunlight, but casts a long shadow across the crater floor. The large prominent crater to the south (above) Tycho is Clavius. Nearly 231 kilometers in diameter its walls and floor are pocked with smaller, more recent, overlaying impact craters. Mountains visible along the lunar limb at the top can rise about 6 kilometers or so above the surrounding terrain.

影像提供与版权 :
Tom Glenn

说明: 在这幅细致的望远镜影像里,月球的南极位在顶缘附近。这张记录月面崎岖南方高原的影像,摄于地球的南加州。在下弦月时,日落影子形成的月面明暗界线从左方接近。因为透视缩短效应,视觉上这片原野密布着大量的撞击坑,而且越近月球临边的撞击坑,形状越接近长椭圆。在影像左下,可见到坑墙耸立、直径85公里的第谷坑。年轻的第谷坑之中心峰仍沐浴在阳光中,并在坑底投下长长的影子。在第谷坑南方(上方)的大环形山,是直径231公里的克拉维斯坑。它的坑墙与坑底,叠着较晚近形成的撞击坑。位在影像顶缘月亮邻边的山峦,高耸出周边的原野约6公里。

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