2020 February 4

A Sunset Night Sky over the Grand Canyon
Image Credit & Copyright:
Robert Q. Fugate

Explanation: Seeing mountain peaks glow red from inside the Grand Canyon was one of the most incredible sunset experiences of this amateur photographer’s life. They appeared even more incredible later, when digitally combined with an exposure of the night sky — taken by the same camera and from the same location — an hour later. The two images were taken last August from the 220 Mile Canyon campsite on the Colorado River, Colorado, USA. The peaks glow red because they were lit by an usually red sunset. Later, high above, the band of the Milky Way Galaxy angled dramatically down, filled with stars, nebula, and dark clouds of dust. To the Milky Way’s left is the planet Saturn, while to the right is the brighter Jupiter. Although Jupiter and Saturn are now hard to see, Venus will be visible and quite bright to the west in clear skies, just after sunset, for the next two months.

Robert Q. Fugate

说明: 对这位业余摄影者而言,在峡谷内仰望被落日染红的峰,是他此生见过最精采的日落景观。不过,当他把1小时后同部相机于在同一位置拍摄的夜空再叠合之后,他的惊艳感就更上层楼了。这二张照片是在去年8月,摄于美国.科罗拉多州.科罗拉多河的220英浬峡谷露营地。影像中,这些山峰之所以散发红色辉光,是因为它们受到不寻常红化落日的渲染。在稍后的晚间,银河系恒星星云和黝黑尘埃聚成的中央盘面,则看似从夜空倾泻而下。此外,在银河左侧还可见到土星,而其右侧有较亮的木星。虽然现在不容易看到木星和土星,不过在接下来的2个月之中,在日落后的西方天空中可见到极为明亮的金星

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