2020 January 29

Milky Way over Yellowstone
Image Credit & Copyright:
Lori Jacobs

Explanation: The Milky Way was not created by an evaporating lake. The pool of vivid blue water, about 10 meters across, is known as Silex Spring and is located in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA. Steam rises off the spring, heated by a magma chamber deep underneath known as the Yellowstone hotspot. The steam blurs the image of Venus, making it seem unusually large. Unrelated and far in the distance, the central band of our Milky Way Galaxy rises high overhead, a band lit by billions of stars. The featured picture is a 3-image panorama taken last August. If the Yellowstone hotspot causes another supervolcanic eruption as it did 640,000 years ago, a large part of North America would be affected.

Lori Jacobs

说明: 银河并非由蒸腾的湖泊产生的。这滩宽约10米的碧蓝水体,是位在美国.怀俄明州.黄石国家公园内的石英温泉。而在称为黄石热点的地下深层岩浆库的加热下,蒸气从石英温泉湖面蒸腾出来。影像背景远处与蒸气无关的高悬银河系中央盘面,则是由数十亿颗恒星之星光汇集而成。这幅拼接了3张照片的全景主题影像,摄于去年10月。如果像在640,000年前,黄石热点造成另一个超级火山爆发,大片的北美洲地区会受到影响。

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