2020 January 6

Tumultuous Clouds of Jupiter
Image Credit & License:
NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS; Processing: Kevin M. Gill

Explanation: Some cloud patterns on Jupiter are quite complex. The featured tumultuous clouds were captured in May by NASA’s robotic Juno spacecraft currently orbiting our Solar System’s largest planet. The image was taken when Juno was only about 15,000 kilometers over Jupiter’s cloud tops, so close that less than half of the giant planet is visible. The rough white clouds on the far right are high altitude clouds known as pop-up clouds. Juno’s mission, now extended into 2021, is to study Jupiter in new ways. Among many other things, Juno has been measuring Jupiter’s gravitational field, finding surprising evidence that Jupiter may be mostly a liquid.

NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS;处理:Kevin M. Gill

说明: 在木星上,的模式有些是相当复杂的。这种强烈搅动的云层照片是由朱诺号自动探测器在2019年5月拍摄的。朱诺号是NASA的木星探测器,目前正绕着我们太阳系内这颗最行星飞行。这张照片是朱诺号在距离星云层顶端仅15000千米处拍摄的,因为距离太近,所以这颗巨行星仅有一半在视场内。最右侧的白云是被称为立体云的高云。朱诺号的任务是以新的方式研究木星,目前已延长至2021年。此外,朱诺还在对木星引力场进行测量,并发现了惊人的证据,表明木星在相当程度上可能是液态的。

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