2019 October 19

All Female Spacewalk Repairs Space Station
Image Credit:
NASA TV, Expedition 61

Explanation: The failed unit was beyond the reach of the robotic Canadarm2. Therefore, this repair of the International Space Station would require humans. The humans on duty were NASA’s Jessica Meir and Christina Koch. This was the fourth spacewalk for Koch, the first for Meir, and the first all-female spacewalk in human history. The first woman to walk in space was Svetlana Savitskaya in 1984. Koch (red stripe) and Meir are pictured hard at work on the P6 Truss, with solar panels and the darkness of space in the background. Working over seven hours, the newly installed Battery Charge / Discharge Unit (BCDU) was successfully replaced and, when powered up, operated normally.

NASA TV, Expedition 61

说明: 加拿大机械臂2构不着损坏的装备。也因此,得动用驻站人员才能对国际空间站进行维修。当时值班的人员,是美国航太总署的Jessica Meir和Christina Koch。这次太空行走虽然是Meir的第四次,却是人类历史上首次派遣全女姓团队出这项任务。 (Svetlana Savitskaya在1984年,进行了女士的首次太空行走。) 在这幅以太阳能板和黝黑太空为背景的主题影像里,穿红横条裤的Koch和Weir正在P6桁架工作。在努力了7个多小时后,她们成功的更换了刚装上的电池充电与放电单元(BCDU),而且在重新开机后,这套装备功能正常。

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