2019 September 22

Eye Sky a Dragon
Image Credit & Copyright:
Anton Komlev

Explanation: What do you see when you look into this sky? In the center, in the dark, do you see a night sky filled with stars? Do you see a sunset to the left? Clouds all around? Do you see the central band of our Milky Way Galaxy running down the middle? Do you see the ruins of an abandoned outpost on a hill? (The outpost is on Askold Island, Russia.) Do you see a photographer with a headlamp contemplating surreal surroundings? (The image is a panorama of 38 images taken last month and compiled into a Little Planet projection.) Do you see a rugged path lined with steps? Or do you see the eye of a dragon?

Anton Komlev

说明: 当你仰首夜空时,你会看见什么?在一片黑暗中,你见到繁星点点的天空吗?见到左侧的落日余晖?天空中四散的彩?从天顶贯过的银河系中央盘面?俄罗斯.阿斯科尔德岛顶废弃前哨站倾塌的废墟?一位载着头灯的摄影者正在静谧境中沉思?见到阶梯串成的崎岖山路?最后,你直视一只恶龙之眼吗?这幅小小行星投影图,是由上个月拍摄的38张照片拼接而成。

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