2019 September 13

A Harvest Moon
Image Credit & Copyright:
Jean-Francois Graffand

Explanation: Famed in festival, story, and song the best known full moon is the Harvest Moon. For northern hemisphere dwellers that’s a traditional name of the closest full moon to the September equinox. In most North America time zones this year’s Harvest Moon will officially rise on Friday, September 13. In fact the same Harvest Moon will rise on September 14 for much of the planet though. Of course the Moon will look almost full in the surrounding days. Regardless of your time zone the Harvest Moon, like any other full moon, will rise just opposite the setting Sun. Near the horizon, the Moon Illusion might make it appear bigger and brighter to you but this Harvest Moon will be near lunar apogee. That’s the farthest point in its orbit, making it the most distant, and so the smallest, full moon of the year. On August 15 a wheat field harvested in south central France made this a harvest moon scene too, the full moon shining on with beautiful iridescent clouds at sunset.

Jean-Francois Graffand

说明: 以节庆、传说和歌谣著称的获月,是满月之中声名最显者。对北半球的居民来说,它是最靠近秋分的满月之传统名称。在美国的诸多时区里,今年的获月落在这个月的13日星期五。但对地球其他的部分地区,这一轮获月升起的日期是在14日。当然在前后这几天,月亮看起来都很接近满相。不管你是位在那个时区,这轮获月和其他满月一样,都在日落时从反方向的东方升起。通常此时悬在地平线附近的月亮,因为月亮错觉之故,看起来较大也较亮。不过这轮获月,在轨道上位在距离地球最远的远地点附近,所以它会是今年最小的一轮满月。影像中,8月15日摄于法国中南部黄昏时分的满月,照亮了彩和刚收割完的麦田,所以称为获月也很贴切。

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