2019 August 5

A Total Solar Eclipse Reflected
Image Credit & Copyright:
Thierry Legault

Explanation: If you saw a total solar eclipse, would you do a double-take? One astrophotographer did just that — but it took a lake and a bit of planning. Realizing that the eclipse would be low on the horizon, he looked for a suitable place along the thin swath of South America that would see, for a few minutes, the Moon completely block the Sun, both directly and in reflection. The day before totality, he visited a lake called La Cuesta Del Viento (The Slope of the Wind) and, despite its name, found so little wind that the lake looked like a mirror. Perfect. Returning the day of the eclipse, though, there was a strong breeze churning up the water — enough to ruin the eclipse reflection shot. Despair. But wait! Strangely, about an hour before totality, the wind died down. This calmness may have been related to the eclipse itself, because eclipsed ground heats the air less and reduces the amount rising warm air — which can dampen and even change the wind direction. The eclipse came, his tripod and camera were ready, and so was the lake. The featured image of this double-eclipse came from a single exposure lasting just one fifteenth of a second. Soon after totality, the winds returned and the water again became choppy. No matter — this double-image of the 2019 July total solar eclipse had been captured forever.

Thierry Legault

说明:如果你看到日全食,你会进行双重摄影吗?一位天体摄影师做到了这一点,借助一片湖泊和一些计划。他意识到日食将会出现在地平线上较低的位置,于是沿着南美洲的狭长地带寻找到了一个合适的地点,在数分钟的时间里,无论是直接观测还是在湖面倒映中,月球完全遮挡了太阳。在全食出现的前一天,他来到了一片名为La Cuesta Del Viento(风的斜坡)的湖泊,尽管其名称与风有关,但是他发现此地几乎无风,湖面看起来就像一面镜子。这是多么完美。然而,回到日食出现的那天,有一股强风搅动着湖水,足以破坏日食映像的拍摄。这太令人绝望了。但是等等!奇怪的是,在全食出现前一小时,风停了。这种平静可能与日食本身有关,因为日食发生时,地面对空气的加热更少,暖气流抬升也减少了,从而减弱甚至改变风向。日食来临时,他的三角架和照相机都准备好了,湖泊也准备好了。这幅双日食的特征影像来自于持续时间仅十五分之一秒的单次曝光。全食出现之后不久,风又刮起来了,湖面又掀起波澜。不管怎样,这幅呈现2019年7月的双日食影像被捕捉到了,将永久地载入史册。

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