2019 July 27

Chandrayaan 2 Launch
Image Credit & Copyright:
Neeraj Ladia

Explanation: On July 22nd this GSLV (Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle) MkIII rocket vanished from sight into a cloud bank an instant after this dramatic snapshot was taken. Launched from India’s Satish Dhawan Space Centre it carried the Chandrayaan 2 mission spacecraft into Earth orbit. The spacecraft’s orbiter, lander, and rover are destined for the Moon, though. In the coming weeks it will perform a series of orbit raising maneuvers, eventually transferring to lunar orbit in early September. Carrying the solar-powered rover, the lander is scheduled to separate and attempt its autonomous soft landing at high latitudes near the lunar south pole. It should arrive on the lunar nearside near local sunrise and the start of a two Earth-week long lunar day on September 7.

Neeraj Ladia

说明: 在7月22日,这部地球同步卫星运载3型火箭(GSLV MkIII)在拍下这幅张力十足的快照后,旋即消失在云层中。这艘从印度萨迪什.达太空中心发射的火箭,酬载是要前往地球轨道的月船2号太空船。因为这艘太空船的轨道船、降落器与月球车,终极的目标是月球。所以在接下来的数星期之中,它会进行一系列的轨道提升操控,最后在9月初转移进入绕月轨道。携带着太阳能供电月球车的降落器,预定会和轨道船分离,并试图在月球南极附近的高纬度地区,进行自主性的软着陆。它预定在9月7日抵达月球的正面,以迎接月表当地的日出与长达2个地球周的月球白画。

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