IC 1795: 鱼头星云



IC 1795: The Fishhead Nebula
Image Credit & Copyright:
Roberto Colombari & Mauro Narduzzi

Explanation: To some, this nebula looks like the head of a fish. However, this colorful cosmic portrait really features glowing gas and obscuring dust clouds in IC 1795, a star forming region in the northern constellation Cassiopeia. The nebula’s colors were created by adopting the Hubble color palette for mapping narrowband emissions from oxygen, hydrogen, and sulfur atoms to blue, green and red colors, and further blending the data with images of the region recorded through broadband filters. Not far on the sky from the famous Double Star Cluster in Perseus, IC 1795 is itself located next to IC 1805, the Heart Nebula, as part of a complex of star forming regions that lie at the edge of a large molecular cloud. Located just over 6,000 light-years away, the larger star forming complex sprawls along the Perseus spiral arm of our Milky Way Galaxy. At that distance, IC 1795 would span about 70 light-years across.

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IC 1795: 鱼头星云
Roberto Colombari & Mauro Narduzzi

说明: 对某些人来说,这团星云形似头。这幅彩色星空影像,呈现了位于北天仙后座内的恒星形成区IC 1795之辉光气体和不透光尘埃云。此星云的色彩则按照哈勃配色表,把源自氧、氢和硫原子的窄波段辐射依序渲染为蓝、绿和红等色泽;然后,这些数据再和透过宽波段滤镜拍摄的影像融合成这张照片。在天空中,IC 1795离著名的英仙双星团不远,本身则紧邻着IC 1805心脏星云,是一个大分子云边缘的恒星诞生区复合体之一部分。这个恒星诞生区复合体,蜿蜒分布在我们银河系的英仙旋臂上,离我们略远于6,000光年。依此距离,这幅影像涵盖了IC 1795约70光年宽的区域。

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