Comet ZTF and Mars
Image Credit & Copyright:
Donato Lioce

Explanation: No, Comet ZTF is not going to hit Mars. Nicknamed the Green Comet for its bright green coma, C/2022 E3 (ZTF) did, however, pass almost in front of the much-more distant planet a few days ago, very near in time to when the featured picture was taken. The two sky icons were here captured behind a famous Earth icon — the Matterhorn, a mountain in the Italian Alps with a picturesque peak. Both the foreground and background images were taken on the same evening by the same camera and from the same location. The comet’s white dust tail is visible to the right of the green coma, while the light blue ion tail trails towards the top of the image. Orange Mars is well in front of the numerous background stars as well as the dark nebula Barnard 22 to its lower right. Although Mars remains visible in the evening sky for the next few months, Comet ZTF has already begun to fade as it returns to the outer Solar System.

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Donato Lioce

说明: 别慌,ZTF彗星并不会撞上火星。不过,因其明亮的泛绿彗发、而有绿彗星之昵称的C/2022 E3(ZTF),数天前在拍下这幅主题图像后不久,几乎真的从这颗远更遥远行星之正前方通过。而在拍照时,与这两颗天空的标志天体同时入镜的,还有马特洪峰,这座隶属于意大利阿尔卑斯山脉、风景如画的著名地标山峰。组成图像的前景及背景照片,则都是由同一部相机在同一晚摄于同一地点。在图像里,这颗彗星泛白的尘尾位于泛绿彗发的右侧,而淡蓝色的离子尾上指图像的顶部。此外,橙红的火星远在背景繁星及右下方暗星云巴纳德22的前方。尽管在接下来的几个月里,夜空中一直可见到火星,但正在返回太阳系外围的ZTF彗星已开始暗去。

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