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螺旋星系NGC 2841



Spiral Galaxy NGC 2841
Image Credit & Copyright:
Vitali Pelenjow

Explanation: A mere 46 million light-years distant, spiral galaxy NGC 2841 can be found in the northern constellation of Ursa Major. This deep view of the gorgeous island universe was captured during 32 clear nights in November, December 2021 and January 2022. It shows off a striking yellow nucleus, galactic disk, and faint outer regions. Dust lanes, small star-forming regions, and young star clusters are embedded in the patchy, tightly wound spiral arms. In contrast, many other spirals exhibit grand, sweeping arms with large star-forming regions. NGC 2841 has a diameter of over 150,000 light-years, even larger than our own Milky Way. X-ray images suggest that resulting winds and stellar explosions create plumes of hot gas extending into a halo around NGC 2841.

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螺旋星系NGC 2841
Vitali Pelenjow

说明: 离我们只有4千6百万光年远的螺旋星系NGC 2841,位在北天的大熊座内。上面这幅摄于2021年11月及12月与2022年1月的32个清朗夜晚,以此壮丽宇宙岛为主题的深空影像,除了突显它醒目的星系核、星系盘及昏淡的外围区或之外,也呈现镶缀在片状紧密缠绕螺旋臂上的尘埃带、细小粉红恒星形成区和年轻星团。作为对比,许多其他具有雄伟广袤螺旋臂的螺旋星系,上头通常镶缀着庞大的恒星形成区。NGC 2841的直径超过150,000光年,比我们的银河系还要大。X射线波段影像指出,此星系的恒星风和恒星爆炸,把许多炽热气体喷入NGC 2841的外晕。

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