AR2835: Islands in the Photosphere
Image Credit & Copyright:
Michael Teoh, Heng Ee Observatory, Penang, Malaysia

Explanation: Awash in a sea of incandescent plasma and anchored in strong magnetic fields, sunspots are planet-sized dark islands in the solar photosphere, the bright surface of the Sun. Found in solar active regions, sunspots look dark only because they are slightly cooler though, with temperatures of about 4,000 kelvins compared to 6,000 kelvins for the surrounding solar surface. These sunspots lie in active region AR2835. The largest active region now crossing the Sun, AR2835 is captured in this sharp telescopic close-up from July 1 in a field of view that spans about 150,000 kilometers or over ten Earth diameters. With powerful magnetic fields, solar active regions are often responsible for solar flares and coronal mass ejections, storms which affect space weather near planet Earth.

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Michael Teoh, Heng Ee Observatory, Penang, Malaysia

说明: 在太阳表面明亮的光球层上,大小和行星相当的黝黑太阳黑子,沉浸在炽热的电浆海里,并受到强大磁场的锁定。位在太阳活跃区内的太阳黑子,之所以看起来颇为黝黑,只因其温度和周围的太阳表面的6000度相较,是稍低的4000多度。上面这群黑子,隶属于目前太阳表面上最大的活跃区AR2835。这幅摄于7月1日的清晰望远镜特写影像,视野的宽度约为150,000公里,比地球直径的10倍要多一点。因为是强烈的磁场之所在,太阳活跃区经常发生太阳闪焰(耀斑)及日冕物质抛射,这些会影响地球附近太空天气的太阳风暴。

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