IC 1318:蝴蝶星云的气体和尘埃



IC 1318: The Butterfly Nebula in Gas and Dust
Image Credit & Copyright:
Alan Pham

Explanation: In the constellation of the swan near the nebula of the pelican lies the gas cloud of the butterfly next to a star known as the hen. That star, given the proper name Sadr, is just to the right of the featured frame, but the central Butterfly Nebula, designated IC 1318, is shown in high resolution. The intricate patterns in the bright gas and dark dust are caused by complex interactions between interstellar winds, radiation pressures, magnetic fields, and gravity. The featured telescopic view captures IC 1318’s characteristic emission from ionized sulfur, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms mapped to the red, green, and blue hues of the popular Hubble Palette. The portion of the Butterfly Nebula pictured spans about 100 light years and lies about 4000 light years away.

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IC 1318:蝴蝶星云的气体和尘埃
Alan Pham

说明: 在天鹅座方向离鹈鹕星云不远之处,散布着蝴蝶星云的云气,其旁有颗名为母鸡的恒星。这颗正式名称为轸宿一 (Sadr)的恒星,虽然在这片高解析影像里位于右侧,但却是在编录号为IC 1318的蝴蝶星云的中心。影像里,这些由明亮气体和黝黑尘埃聚成的错综复杂结构,是星际风、辐射压、磁场、和重力复杂交互作用的成果。这幅采用哈伯配色表上色的望远镜主题影像,分别以红、绿和蓝色呈现源自电离硫、氢和氧原子的特征辐射。以蝴蝶星云约4,000光年的距离来换算,这幅影像所呈现的区域宽约100光年。

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