A Symphony in Northern Winter Skies

2019 March 22

A Symphony in Northern Winter Skies
Lorenzo Ranieri Tenti
Image Credit & Copyright: Lorenzo Ranieri Tenti

描述:尽管天气很冷,但有机会看到闪烁的北极光,这名天文爱好者来到了位于基维诺半岛西海岸的苏必利尔湖结冰的湖面上,并以此作为天籁渐强的奖励。在2月28日/ 3月1日晚上10点到凌晨1点之间拍摄的图片中,北方冬末的夜空也划过全景式的画面构图制作。在左边,一束微弱的黄道光从地平线上突然升起,穿过火星和昴宿星团。遥远的M31星系和我们自己的银河系都闪耀在绿色的极光弧上。以北极星为中心,右面是北极夜最著名的星群——北斗七星。地面上的灯光包括地平线上靠近场景中心的两个防波堤的标志。

Explanation: Despite the cold, a chance to view the shimmering northern lights coaxed this skygazer onto the frozen surface of Lake Superior on the west coast of the Keweenaw Peninusla and offered this nocturnal crescendo as a reward. A northern late winter night sky also plays across the panoramic composition of images made between 10pm and 1am on the night of February 28/March 1. At left, a faint band of Zodiacal light rises sharply from the horizon crossing Mars and the Pleides star cluster. Both the distant galaxy M31 and our own Milky Way shine above the greenish auroral arc. Navigational north pole star Polaris is centered above and accompanied on the right by the northern night’s most recognizable asterism, the Big Dipper. Terrestrial lights include markers for two breakwaters on the the horizon near the center of the scene.