2020 April 24

Around the World at Night
Video Credit & Copyright:
Jeff Dai (TWAN, IDA), Music: Peter Jeremias

Explanation: Watch this video. In only a minute or so you can explore the night skies around planet Earth through a compilation of stunning timelapse sequences. The presentation will take you to sites in the United States, Germany, Russia, Iran, Nepal, Thailand, Laos and China. You might even catch the view from a small island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. But remember that while you’re home tonight, the night sky will come to you. Look up and celebrate the night during this International Dark Sky Week.

Tomorrow’s picture: light-weekend

Jeff Dai (TWAN, IDA), 音乐:Peter Jeremias

说明: 请观赏这部影像。经由观看这部由令人惊艳的缩时影像系列接成的影片,用约1分钟就能探索世界各地的夜空。影片呈现的夜空,来自美国、德国、俄罗斯、伊朗、尼泊尔、泰国、寮国和中国的数个地点,也包括东南太平洋的小岛(复活岛)。不过请别忘了,纵然今晚你在家并未远行,夜空还是会来到你眼前。且让我们抬起头来观赏夜空,一起庆祝这个国际夜空周。


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