2020 April 9


A Flow of Time
Image Credit & Copyright:
Paul Schmit

Explanation: This surreal timelapse, landscape, panorama spans predawn, blue hour, and sunrise skies. Close to the start of planet Earth’s northern hemisphere spring, the flow of time was captured between 4:30 and 7:00 am from a location overlooking northern New Mexico’s Rio Grande Valley. In tracked images of the night sky just before twilight begins, the Milky Way is cast across the southern (right) edge of the panoramic frame. Toward the east, a range of short and long exposures resolves the changing brightness as the Sun rises over the distant peaks of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. In between, exposures made during the spring morning’s tantalizing blue hour are used to blend the night sky and sunrise over the high desert landscape.

Tomorrow’s picture: a full moon of northern spring

Paul Schmit

说明:这幅带着超现实感的缩时全景影像,呈现了黎明前、蓝色时段日出后的天空景观。这幅俯瞰美国. 新墨西哥州. 里奥格兰德山谷的组合影像,取像的日子在北半球的春初,涵盖的时段介于早晨4:30到7:00之间。在摄于曙光时分前的夜空影像里,银河悬在全景图南方(右缘)的天空中。而一系列曝光时间长短不一的照片,解析了当太阳从出东方远处、桑格雷克里斯托山脉群峰后方升起时,天空微妙的亮度变化。在东与南之间,摄于春日早晨迷人蓝色时段的影像,呈现了这片沙漠高原地貌上空黑夜与日出时分转换的景象。

明日的图片: a full moon of northern spring

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