Blooming roses at the Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC) highlight the Bell X-IE aircraft mounted in front of the main building at the center. The X-1E was one of the first supersonic aircraft and was the last of the X-1 series of aircraft. It was last flown in November 1958 and now resides at the center. The aircraft was developed by NASA’s predecessor, the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics.

AFRC, formerly known as the Dryden Flight Research Center, has a long history of aeronautical research. AFRC has developed and operates some of the most advanced aircraft in the world and is known for many aviation firsts, including critical support for the first crewed airplane to exceed the speed of sound and the first digital fly-by-wire aircraft, a critical component of commerical airplanes.

Image Credit: NASA/Dale McCoy Armstrong

阿姆斯特朗飞行研究中心(AFRC)盛开的玫瑰突显了安装在该中心主楼前的Bell X-IE飞机。X-1E是最早的超音速飞机之一,也是X-1系列飞机的最后一架。它最后一次飞行是在1958年11月,现在驻留在该中心。这架飞机是由NASA的前身国家航空咨询委员会(National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics)所研发。

AFRC的前身是德莱顿飞行研究中心(Dryden Flight Research Center),有着悠久的航空研究历史。AFRC开发和运营了一些世界上最先进的飞机,并以许多航空业的先例而闻名,其中包括对第一架超音速的乘务飞机和第一架数字线控飞行器(商用飞机的关键部件)。

影像来源:NASA/Dale McCoy Armstrong