2020 June 2


Novel Coronavirus Attacks Humanity
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Explanation: Humanity is under attack. The attack is not from large tentacle-flailing aliens, but from invaders so small they can barely be seen, and so strange they are not even clearly alive. All over planet Earth, the human home world, DNA-based humans are being invaded by the RNA-based SARS-CoV2. The virus, which creates a disease known as COVID-19, specializes in reprogramming human cells into zombies that manufacture and release copies of itself. Pictured here is a high magnification image of a human cell covered by attacking novel coronavirus SARS-CoV2 (orange). Epic battles where two species square off in a fight to the death are not unusual on Earth, with several just involving humans typically ongoing at any time. Even so, most humans are predicted to survive. After several years, humanity expects to win this war — but only after millions of humans have died and trillions of coronaviruses have been destroyed.

Wash your hands: Tips for humans on how to survive this SARS-CoV2 assault

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说明: 人类正在受到攻击。不过,这次的攻击并非来自挥舞触手的异形,而是来自微小到差点看不见、而且怪异到不确定能否算是生命的侵略者。在地球各地的人类居地里,以DNA为基底的人类,受到了以RNA为基底的新冠病毒之攻击。入侵后,这种病毒会把人类的细胞重组为丧尸,变成复制和释出病毒的工厂。上图是人类细胞,受到新冠病毒围攻的高倍率放影像。在地球上,不同生命体之间的激烈争战其实很常见,而且在任何时候,人类通常掺和在数个不同的战争里。不过,大多数跨物种的战争,不会像人类与新冠病毒之战这么致命。话虽如此,大多数的人类预期会存活下来。在数年之后,在人类折损数百万条生命、而新冠病毒折损数十兆个体之后,人类应会赢得这场战争。(Novel Coronavirus, SARS-CoV2, COVID-19新冠病毒)


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