2020 May 19

Posters of the Solar System
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Explanation: Would you like a NASA astronomy-exploration poster? You are just one page-print away. Any of the panels you see on the featured image can appear on your wall. Moreover, this NASA page has, typically, several more posters of each of the Solar System objects depicted. These posters highlight many of the places humanity, through NASA, has explored in the past 50 years, including our Sun, and planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Moons of Jupiter that have been posterized include Europe, Ganymede, Callisto, and Io, while moons of Saturn that can be framed include Enceladus and Titan. Images of Pluto, Ceres, comets and asteroids are also presented, while six deep space scenes — well beyond our Solar System — can also be prominently displayed. If you lack wall space or blank poster sheets don’t despair — you can still print many of these out as trading cards.

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说明: 想要美国航太总署的天文探索海报吗?很容易,只要下载列印就有。这幅主题影像上的任何图格,都能单独下载印成挂图。更棒的是:在这个美国航太总署网页上的太阳系天体,通常有数种不同的影像版本可供选择。这些海报呈现在过去的50年之中,许多美国航太总署资助的计画曾经探索过的天体,包括太阳、星、金星地球火星木星土星天王星、和海王星。出现在海报中的木星之卫星,有木卫二、木卫三、木卫四和木卫一,土星的卫星则有土卫二土卫六。此外,你还能找到冥王星谷神星彗星小行星的影像,以及6幅远在我们太阳系外头的深空影像。假如你缺挂图的墙面或海报纸,先别慌,你可以把它们印成可以和他人交换的收藏卡。

明日的图片: planet line up


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