2020 May 9


Full Flower Moonrise
Image Credit & Copyright:
Tiziano Boldrini

Explanation: Rising as the Sun set, the Moon was bright and full in planet Earth skies on May 7 and known to some as a Flower Moon. Near the horizon it does seem to take on rose pink hues of reddened sunlight in this reflective twilight scene. In fact one of the brighter Full Moons of the year, this month’s full lunar phase occurred within about 32 hours of perigee. That’s the closest point in the Moon’s elliptical orbit. Flooded field and ruined church tower are near the municipality of Casaleggio Novara, Piedmont Region of northern Italy.

Tomorrow’s picture: peculiar galaxies

Tiziano Boldrini

说明: 5月7日在日落时东升的这轮明亮满月,有花月的令名。而在这幅带着倒影暮光时分影像里,悬在地平面附近的这轮明亮,还真的有粉红的色泽。它是今年最明亮的满月之一,因为在绕行地球的椭圆轨道上,这轮明月满相时,位置离近地点约32小时。影像里的浸问野和残存的教堂钟塔,座落在北义利.皮埃蒙特大区的卡萨莱焦诺瓦拉村附近。

明日的图片: peculiar galaxies

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