2020 April 23


Lyrid Meteor Streak
Image Credit & Copyright:
Zolt Levay

Explanation: Earth’s annual Lyrid Meteor Shower peaked before dawn yesterday, as our fair planet plowed through debris from the tail of long-period comet Thatcher. In crisp, clear and moonless predawn skies over Brown County, Indiana this streak of vaporizing comet dust briefly shared a telephoto field of view with stars and nebulae along the Milky Way. Alpha star of the constellation Cygnus, Deneb lies near the bright meteor’s path along with the region’s dark interstellar clouds of dust and the recognizable glow of the North America nebula (NGC 7000). The meteor’s streak points back to the shower’s radiant, its apparent point of origin on the sky. That would be in the constellation Lyra, near bright star Vega and off the top edge of the frame.

Celebrate the Night: International Dark Sky Week

Tomorrow’s picture: pixels in space

Zolt Levay

说明: 随着地球穿过长周期Thatcher彗星彗尾的尘埃,今年的天琴座流星雨极大期,出现在昨天清晨的曙光之前。从美国印地安那州布朗郡看出去,在清朗澄净无月光干扰的清晨天空中,这道由汽化中的彗星尘产生的流星痕,短暂与银河繁星和星云分享了这片长焦镜头视野。在影像里,位在明亮流星痕附近的天体,包括天鹅座最明亮的天津四、此区域的暗尘埃云、及因为散发辉光的形状而有北美洲星云令名之NGC 7000。这颗流星的流星痕,可回溯到视觉上这个流星雨位在天空天琴座内的辐射点。在这幅影像里,它在视野顶缘外头的亮星织女附近。

Celebrate the Night: International Dark Sky Week

明日的图片: pixels in space



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