2020 April 10

Full Moon of Spring
Image Credit & Copyright:
Jeff Dai (TWAN)

Explanation: From home this Full Moon looked bright. Around our fair planet it rose as the Sun set on April 7/8, the first Full Moon after the vernal equinox and the start of northern hemisphere spring. April’s full lunar phase was also near perigee, the closest point in the Moon’s elliptical orbit. In fact, it was nearer perigee than any other Full Moon of 2020 making it the brightest Full Moon of the year. To create the visual experience a range of exposures were blended to capture the emerging foreground foliage and bright lunar disk. The hopefull image of spring was recorded from a home garden in skies over Chongqing, China.

Tomorrow’s picture: light-weekend

Jeff Dai(载建峰) ( TWAN )



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