2020 April 5

Color the Universe
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Explanation: Wouldn’t it be fun to color in the universe? If you think so, please accept this famous astronomical illustration as a preliminary substitute. You, your friends, your parents or children, can print it out or even color it digitally. While coloring, you might be interested to know that even though this illustration has appeared in numerous places over the past 100 years, the actual artist remains unknown. Furthermore, the work has no accepted name — can you think of a good one? The illustration, first appearing in a book by Camille Flammarion in 1888, is used frequently to show that humanity’s present concepts are susceptible to being supplanted by greater truths.

Notable APOD Submissions: Gallery of Venus passing in front of the Pleiades

Tomorrow’s picture: hubble spiral


说明: 着色是否为宇宙里挺好玩的活动呢?如果你认同的话,那这幅著名的天文插画可作为初期的代替品。你、你的朋友、你的父母或孩子,可把它列印出来手工着色或什至直接进行数位着色。在上色的同时,有件事你或许会觉得有蛮有趣的,就是这幅图示虽然在过去100年之中出现在难以数计的地方,但绘制此图的作者仍然不明。更有什者,这幅画作也没有广为家所接受画名,你能想到合适的名称吗?这幅画最早出现在1888年由弗拉马利翁所撰写的一本书中,而且经常用来证明人类现行的认知会轻易被更深入的真理所取代。(Camille Flammarion卡米列.弗拉马利翁)


明日的图片: hubble spiral

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