2019 November 9

Saturn the Giant
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Explanation: On May 25, 1961 U.S. president John Kennedy announced the goal of landing astronauts on the Moon by the end of the decade. By November 9, 1967 this Saturn V rocket was ready for launch and the first full test of its capabilities on the Apollo 4 mission. Its development directed by rocket pioneer Wernher Von Braun, the three stage Saturn V stood over 36 stories tall. It had a cluster of five first stage engines fueled by liquid oxygen and kerosene which together were capable of producing 7.9 million pounds of thrust. Giant Saturn V rockets ultimately hurled nine Apollo missions to the Moon and back again with six landing on the lunar surface. The first landing mission, Apollo 11, achieved Kennedy’s goal on July 20, 1969.


说明: 1961年5月25日,美国总统甘迺迪宣布将在1960年代结束之前,把太空人送上月球。 1967年11月9日,这艘土星五号火箭已完成整备蓄势待发,将经由阿波罗4号任务,进行它运载能力的首次完整测试。由火箭先驱冯·布朗(Wernher Von Braun)监造的土星五号火箭,三级火箭合起来的高度超过36层楼。它的第一级火箭,是由5部以液态和煤油为燃料的发动机组成,总推力高达35兆牛顿。巨大的土星五号火箭,总共出过9次阿波罗探月任务,其中有6次降落在月表上。阿波罗11号在1969年7月20日完成首次登月,达成甘迺迪先前设定的任务目标。

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