2019 September 28

An Analemma of the Sun
Image Credit & Copyright:
Gyorgy Soponyai

Explanation: This week the equinox found the Sun near the middle, but not at the crossing point, of an analemma in its annual trek through planet Earth’s skies. In this scenic view, that graceful, figure-8-shaped curve was intentionally posed above the iconic Danube River and the capital city of Hungary. Looking south from Budapest’s Margaret Bridge it combines digital frames taken at exactly the same time of day (11:44 CET) on dates between 2018 September 24 and 2019 September 15. That puts the metropolitan Pest on the left, regal Buda on the right, and the positions of the Sun on the solstice dates at the top and bottom of the analemma curve. December’s near solstice Sun is just hidden behind a dramatic cloud bank.

Gyorgy Soponyai

说明: 记录太阳在球天空一年之中行踪的日行迹图里,这星期秋分时的太阳,位置在中点附近但并不在交叉点上。在这片美景里,8字形的日行迹特地规划在多瑙河和匈牙利的首都上空。这则日行迹是建构自2018年9月24日到2019年9月15日之间,每天摄于欧洲中部时间11:44,往南眺望布达佩斯.玛格丽特桥的数位照片叠加而成。因此,佩斯都会区在左,布达古城区在右。夏至冬至分别出现在日行迹的顶部和底部,不过,12月冬至附近的太阳躲在这团乌的后方。

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