2019 September 3

Unusual Signal Suggests Neutron Star Destroyed by Black Hole
Illustration Video Credit:
NASA, Dana Berry (Skyworks Digital)

Explanation: What created this unusual explosion? Three weeks ago, gravitational wave detectors in the USA and Europe — the LIGO and Virgo detectors — detected a burst of gravitational radiation that had the oscillating pattern expected when a black hole destroys a neutron star. One object in event S190814bv was best fit with a mass greater than five times the mass of the Sun — making it a good candidate for a black hole, while the other object appeared to have a mass less than three times the mass of the Sun — making it a good candidate for a neutron star. No similar event had been detected with gravitational waves before. Unfortunately, no light was seen from this explosion, light that might have been triggered by the disrupting neutron star. It is theoretically possible that the lower mass object was also a black hole, even though no clear example of a black hole with such a low mass is known. The featured video was created to illustrate a previously suspected black hole – neutron star collision detected in light in 2005, specifically gamma-rays from the burst GRB 050724. The animated video starts with a foreground neutron star orbiting a black hole surrounded by an accretion disk. The black hole’s gravity then shreds the neutron star, creating a jet as debris falls into the black hole. S190814bv will continue to be researched, with clues about the nature of the objects involved possibly coming from future detections of similar systems.

NASA, Dana Berry (Skyworks Digital)

说明:是什么造成了这次不寻常的爆炸?三周前,位于美国的激光干涉引力波天文台(LIGO)和位于欧洲的室女座天文台的引力波探测器探测到一次引力波事件,其振荡模式与黑摧毁中子星时所预期的一致。在事件S190814sv中,其中一个天体的质量太阳质量的五倍一些,它有可能是一个黑洞,而另一个天体的质量似乎小于太阳质量的三倍,它有可能是一颗中子星。之前探测到的引力波并没有类似的事件。不幸的是,在这次爆炸中并没有看到由被摧毁的中子星发出的光。从理论上讲,质量较低的天体也有可能是一个黑洞,尽管目前还没有一个质量如此低的黑洞的明确例子。这段精彩的视频是为了呈现2005年的一次疑似黑洞中子星碰撞而制作的,即编录号为GRB 050724的伽马射线爆发。这段动画视频从一颗前景中子星围绕着一个被吸积盘包围的黑洞旋转开始。然后,黑洞的引力撕碎了中子星,当碎片落入黑洞时产生了一股喷流。我们将继续研究S190814sv,有关所涉及天体性质的线索可能来自未来对类似系统的探测。

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