2020 June 24


Inverted City Beneath Clouds
Image Credit & Copyright:
Mark Hersch

Explanation: How could that city be upside-down? The city, Chicago, was actually perfectly right-side up. The long shadows it projected onto nearby Lake Michigan near sunset, however, when seen in reflection, made the buildings appear inverted. This fascinating, puzzling, yet beautiful image was captured by a photographer in 2014 on an airplane on approach to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. The Sun can be seen both above and below the cloud deck, with the latter reflected in the calm lake. As a bonus, if you look really closely — and this is quite a challenge — you can find another airplane in the image, likely also on approach to the same airport.

Tomorrow’s picture: open space

Mark Hersch

说明:城市怎么可能倒悬呢?这座芝加哥城其实好端端的正立着。然而在日落时,它在邻近密西根湖的平静湖面会投下长影;如果只看倒影的话,它的建物看似倒立。这幅有趣、令人疑惑和美丽兼具的影像,是在2014年由拍摄者摄于一架即将降落芝加哥. 奥黑尔国际机场的飞机上。影像中,太阳同时出现在层上方与下方,只不过后者是平滑如镜湖面的倒影。作为额外的奖励,如果你仔细看的话(难度颇高),在影像中,你会找到另一架可能也是要飞向同一座机场的飞机。

明日的图片:open space

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